What’s stopping you from doing video?

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What is keeping everyone from jumping on the video bandwagon? Fear? Camera shy? Don’t think it’s important enough yet?

Well, that last excuse is scary. Scary because video can put you on the map. It can get to more people who are looking for what you do. You know you want that. Video can introduce you into the world so that people will want to do business with you because they “SEE” that they can trust you to sell them something, advise them, entertain them, inform them, motivate them, whatever it is that you do. They will either like you and your page or they will be off “like-a-prom-dress”.

I am offering an amazing deal. For $99.00, you can have a simple interview video for your home page, for social media or YouTube. We talk for 1/2 hour, we shoot for an hour and you leave with a thumb drive of all your footage.

Careful. I’m whittling down the excuses.


Video no1special99.rcproject

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