Is video content holding you back?

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Ok. I can tell that you want a video but you are stumped. What do you say? What will keep people engaged? Somehow, if someone clicks through it feels so personal.


The more video you do, the better you will get at it. Practice. Watch other people’s videos and notice what you like. If you want to convey sincerity, stare into the camera and connect
as if you are sitting at lunch with the person. If you want to show know-how, demonstrate your skill and product. If you want to prove the people that it is a good idea to invest in Selma, Alabama, show photos of beautiful homes there and bust a hole in people’s misconceptions.

Whatever your goal, video is the best way to get in front of thousands of your market that
ARE ALREADY LOOKING FOR YOU. Let them find you exactly as you want to present yourself.
Nothing works like video.

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