At Architectural Video Tours, our goal is to capture the energy of the house and tease the viewer to pick up the phone to see more. The beauty and detail of the house come through.

There are a few added advantages to Architectural Video Tours:

•   You increase your Google ranking with video.

•   You stand out from your competition.

•   You get more listings.

•   The property is perceived as higher in value.

What’s Involved

Sharon Stahl has been directing commercials in New York City advertising for more years than she is willing to admit. And now, she will use all that experience and marketing know-how to video your listing. She meets with you at the location to make sure she gets your input on the critical shots.

She will bring in lights to make the rooms look gorgeous and confer with your stager. Then she will film the home for a few hours. The footage is then edited to create an enticing marketing piece that includes a 360 video of the main room, the landscaping, the secondary rooms, the highlights.

Then she will professionally edit your listing and brand it with you company’s logo and contact information.

She will upload it to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest. You get a high definition file that can be added to your website.

Cost: $350-1500. depending on the scope of the project.

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